2016 Club Championship Results

The Club Championships were held over 3 weekends this year from 2nd April to 16th April as we had to deal with the “welcome?” break from the hot weather with the Autumn rains, and also work around the Ken Bennet Charity match on the 10th April.

We had enough entrants to hold all the events except the Women’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles 50+, given the exciting display of close doubles matches we had at Easter from our ladies, we are expecting great participation next year.  The results are included in the table below.

The Men’s Singles was won by Graeme Morrissey against Michael Naylor, after a few false starts with the court conditions, Graeme proved too strong for Michael.

The Men’s Singles Consolation Final was won by Tatsuya Kawahara who also proved too strong for Bruno Calmari. Congratulations Tats on some great topspin shots, Bruno was gallant in defeat.

Graeme Morrissey and Michael Naylor won the Men’s Doubles against Greg McAlpine and Chris Watson, this was a hard fought game with many games going to deuce, and some long rallies, a treat for those watching.

A relieved Michael Naylor was also pretty pleased, managing to uphold his good form from last year with back to back Men’s Doubles championships.

We had some great and sometimes feisty tennis in the Mixed Doubles throughout the tournament, a credit to the skill as well as the competitiveness of those who took part.  No blood was spilt.

In particular the Mixed Doubles decider between the top two teams, Greg McAlpine/Fiona Davis, and Graeme Morrissey/Stacey Holmnas was a great exhibition of doubles with some sublime tennis being played by all, and a close contest, congratulations to the winners Graeme and Stacey.

As a result Graeme Morissey took out the triple crown winning the Men’s Singles, Men Doubles (with Mike Naylor) and the Mixed Doubles (with Stacey Holmnas) this year.  Congratulations Graeme on a great result.  We have done some checking and believe this has not been achieved before in the Men’s competition at RKPTC since 1972, some 43 years ago when taken out by P.Rigg, but has been in the Women’s with Fiona Davis taking out the triple crown in 2009, so there is a lot of catching up to do fellas.

There has been no back to back triple crown winners that we know of, ….so Graeme is under pressure next year – he is already looking forward to it we are told. We may even start an honour board of triple crown winners to keep the records straight.  Theoretically we have some very talented 50+ players who could take out the double triple crown in the open and 50+ events – now there’s a challenge!

The women’s singles was won by Fiona Davis who proved too strong on the day for Tatum Wolmarans, despite a close fought first set, congratulations Fiona.

The Men’s 50+ Singles was won by Tim Wilkinson, unfortunately in the Final Greg Jacobs had to retire after narrowly losing the first set in a tie break, congratulations Tim Wilkinson for squeaking in to win the event.

In the Mixed Doubles 50+ Greg McAlpine and Sue Thomas combined well and proved too strong for the field, well done Greg and Sue. Congratulations to Jane Cunningham and Tim Wilkinson who were runners up, just pipping Richard Yorg and Barbara Oldfield.

Congratulations to Mac McDonald and Tim Wilkinson for clinching the Men’s Doubles 50+ championship, this was also a close contest. Mac McDonald show again what a seasoned campaigner he is, having driven virtually non stop back across the Nullabor to make it in time for the final matches. Congratulations to runners up Richard Yorg and Gerry Hoffman.

We held as many matches as we could on the centre courts and show courts to give opportunity to spectators and other players to watch and enjoy some quality tennis. Terrace 21 outside the Next Gen cafe, prove a particularly nice spot for some enjoyable viewing and recapping of the day’s play. Thank you for all those who watched and supported the players.

Thank you for all those who participated in this year’s championships. It was good to see the strong level of the field . Thank you also to those who turned up to the Presentation Night, it means a lot to the players and the organisers to share with other club members in acknowledging the successes, as well as the camaraderie of the participation .

Finally I would like to note that there a lot of late night hand holding undertaken as I navigated my way through the Tournament Planner software and Setting up the tournament, so a special thank you to Barry Nazer for being there for me.

Tim Wilkinson


Event Winner Runner up
Women’s Singles Fiona Davis Tatum Wolmarans
Women’s Doubles Insufficient entries received
Women’s Doubles 50+ Insufficient entries received
Men’s Singles Graeme Morissey Michael Naylor
Men’s Singles Consolation Tatsuya Kawahara Bruno Camari
Men’s Singles 50+ Tim Wilkinson Greg Jacobs
Men’s Doubles Graeme Morissey/Michael Naylor Greg McAlpine/Chris Watson
Men’s Doubles 50+ Mac McDonald/Tim Wilkinson Richard Yorg/Gerry Hoffman
Men’s Singles 50+ Consolation Bruno Camarri Darryl Calligaro
Mixed Doubles Graeme Morrissey/Stacey Holmnas Greg McAlpine/Fiona Davis
Mixed Doubles 50+ Greg McAlpine/Sue Thomas Tim Wilkinson/Jane Cunningham