2016 Summer Pennants Results


Well done to all the RKPTC Summer Pennants teams, we had great representation this year with 18 teams in the competition, of those 9 made the final series. A solid foundation to build on for next season.

Thanks also to all the captains for their efforts in organizing their teams.  We are holding our breath for the outcome of the Men’s State League decision which is expected in July this year. We also are strongly campaigning to have the Women’s Div 1 team get to the Finals next year, as well as forming some over 35 doubles teams.

Congratulations to Chris Watson (Watto) for winning the Pennants Player of the Year award for the club.  This is judged on the number of wins across the Pennants events, so a great effort by Watto!

A summary of the teams who made the finals is presented below:

Men’s Sunday Division 2 (Captained by Richard Yorg) – finished second, won their home semifinal and then went on to win the away final at Blue Gum Park Tennis Club!

Men’s Sunday Division 3 (Captained by John Chappell) – finished third, won their away semifinal, just lost 7-5 in their final

Men’s Open Division 1 (Captained by Ryan Maxfield) – finished 4th, won their semifinal, but lost the final against Dalkeith Tennis Club.

Men’s Open Division 14 (Captained by Nick Day) – finished 4th. Lost their semifinal in a close one.

Men’s Open Division 15 (Captained by Bruno Camarri) – finished second but unfortunately lost their semifinal

Tuesday Mixed teams (both captained by Bob Stevenson) – both finished fourth. Both lost their semifinal (actually the Div 1 team won it, but was disqualified for playing someone who hadn’t played enough matches).

Thursday night Ladies doubles Div 1 (Captained by Tracey Hondros) – won their home semifinal, but lost by a couple of games to Cottesloe Tennis Club in a finals rematch.

Wednesday Night Men’s Div 1 (Captained by Sean Lim) – in attempting back to back wins, lost their semifinals by three games.

Winter Pennants Women’s Div 1 – We were also able to present the Winter Pennants Women’s Div 1 team winners with their shield, represented by Stacey Holmnas, Mareena Weston, and Fiona Davis.