Centenary Tennis Club News

CTC Club Tour by our Four Musketeers


Club members will recognise the happy faces of our RKPTC quartet, who commenced their enjoyment of European tennis culture at Roland Garros, Paris in May.

Their wonderful experiences, particularly the very welcoming hospitality extended by our fellow CTC clubs, has emphasised the need to promote this very positive advantage to all our members. During their trip they visited and played at seven of our CTC clubs, under the reciprocal rights that cover our membership.


In France: Tennis Club Paris; Garden Tennis Royan; Racing Club de France and (La Boulie Golf Club); Villa Primrose Bordeaux; and in Spain: Real Club de Tenis Barcelona; Real Club de Polo de Barcelona; Club de Tennis de la Salut.


Their experiences, which were far beyond expectations, did reflect the general lack of awareness of the very powerful association that the CTC offers. There are only two other Centenary clubs in Australia – South Yarra andKooyong in Victoria, and approximately 80 more clubs throughout the world.


All RKPTC members should closely examine the website on www.centenarytennisclubs.org.

Before planning any overseas travel, it is necessary, in the first place, to obtain an official introduction from RKPTC to the required CTC affiliate. Dates and estimated times are essential. These are extreme privileges accorded RKPTC members who want to experience the culture of our associations in tennis.

Ted Reiss
31 July 2018