Club Championships 6-17 and 13-14 April 2019

All members are invited to enter the RKPTC 2019 Club Championships to be held over the weekends of 6-7 April and 13-14 April 2019.

One booking for each participant is required i.e. one from you and one from your partner if you are playing doubles

To book log onto
Entries close at 5:00pm Monday, 25 March 2019

The following events are available for registration.

1. Men’s Singles
2. Ladies Singles
3. Men’s Doubles
4. Ladies Doubles
5. Mixed Doubles
6. Men’s Singles Over 50s
7. Ladies Singles Over 50s
8. Men’s Doubles Over 50s
9. Ladies Doubles Over 50s
10. Mixed Doubles Over 50s

Events 1-4 will be knockout format, numbers permitting there will be a plate competition for most knockout events in order to try to ensure participants have at least two matches. Mixed Doubles and Over 50’s doubles events will be round robin format.

For any queries please contact me by either email at or telephone 0427 990 080