Easter Bake Off

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Easter Bake Off.

The winner in first place was Cathy Chappell and her spectacular ‘Souffra’. This cake disappeared very quickly. Congratulations Cathy, you have won a gold eggcup trophy and a Myers voucher for $25.00.

In second place was Beth Meertens and her chocolate cake that was very rich and moist. Beth has won a Myers voucher for $20.00.

The third prize goes to Janette Gray and her orange and rosemary cake, a light but moist teacake with a hint of rosemary. Janette has won a Myers voucher for $15.00.

We also have two special mentions:
Joan Watts and her spicy pumpkin cakes;
Eve Broadley and her passion fruit cupcakes.

Thank you again for contributing, and we look forward to seeing you again next year.