Our vision for preserving our past while building our future requires constant effort to ensure that we act as responsible custodians of the heritage collection of memorabilia and records that have been handed down from past generations and entrusted to us to pass onto future generations.

In that regard, the Club has been holding discussions with the State Library with a view to preserving and archiving the oldest and most delicate photo memorabilia from our archive collection. This will include digitising our most precious historical photos.

A Brief History

The home of tennis in Western Australia. The tennis club was founded in 1899 when Sir John Forrest served the first ball to Lady Forrest. At this point there were only two asphalt courts and it was called the Mount Tennis Club.

By 1902 the first grass tennis courts and a croquet lawn had been laid and they were available on opening day of 1903. In 1904 lady members resigned en masse because Saturday play was reserved for the men.

The Royal King’s Park Tennis Club is one of the world’s last great inner city grass court tennis centres.

The effect of the First World War began to be felt by 1915 as 42 members enlisted for active service. Fifteen did not return. Enlistments for active service soon increased to 53 and the club struggled due to the loss of members and subscription fees.

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