Monthly Heritage Quiz


Welcome to the RKPTC July Heritage Quiz!

The question for this month is:

There is a sign outside the Northern Courts that says ‘Siberia’.  Do you know the historical reason for why the Northern courts were named this?

Siberia Sign_HeritageQuiz_July2016

I can give you a hint…

Go back to the June Heritage Quiz and read the historical background there.

Please email responses to with ‘Heritage Quiz July’ in the subject line.

We are changing the winner format this month.

The SEVENTH member to answer correctly wins a set of two bright green bath towels embossed with the RKPTC logo.


Good luck!

Sacha DeVelle
RKPTC Heritage Officer


Congratulations to Alan Clements who submitted the first correct answer to the June RKPTC Heritage Quiz

Alan correctly answered “For the club to successfully acquire the extra land the club had to admit lady members and provide accommodation for them to play” and wins a Sergio Tacchini Tennis Shirt courtesy of Platinum Sports.


IMG_MensCourts (2)In 1925 the Kings Park Board approved a land extension for the Club from 1 to 4 acres. This expansion triggered the building of the following sites:

•        The Pavilion;
•        The members grandstand;
•        Nine new courts on the Southern boundary.

The Club’s application for further land had actually been put forward in 1921, but was turned down by the Kings Park Board.


The Heritage Quiz Question for June is:

What did the Club do to successfully receive a land extension in 1925?

Send your answer to with ‘Heritage Quiz June’ in the subject line.

You can find the answer under the Heritage History tab on the RKPTC website.

The first person to answer correctly will win a Sergio Tacchini tennis shirt, courtesy of Platinum Sports.

Good luck!platinum sports logo

Sacha DeVelle
RKPTC Heritage Officer





Thank you to everyone who entered our first Heritage Quiz.

Congratulations to Scott Grundman who was the first member to correctly send in the answer to our May Heritage Quiz.

The answer was 1947.

Look out for our June Heritage Quiz!


The RKPTC has had three name changes over the years:

•        Mount Tennis Club

•        Kings Park Tennis Club

•        Royal Kings Park Tennis Club

But have you ever wondered where the ‘Royal’ within our RKPTC title came from?

Just after World War II a petition was sent to the ruling King of the time (King George VI) to ask for the word ‘Royal’ to be added to the Club title.

This wish was granted, and incorporated into the emblem. The pictorial image of a crown appeared in the emblem around 1960, and is what we see today.

Our question this month is:

In what year did the Club change its name officially to the RKPTC?

You can find the answer on the History page under Heritage on the website!

The first to respond correctly wins a tin of tennis balls courtesy of the Club.

Send your email response to with the word ‘heritage’ in the subject line.

Sacha DeVelle
RKPTC Heritage Officer