Past Presidents’ Dinner – 12 August 2016

On a cold August night approximately 60 members and guests enjoyed a memorable Past Presidents’ Dinner in the Members’ Pavilion. This important traditional event is held every 4 years or so to honour the Club and its past presidents, and is an excellent opportunity to renew old friendships, reminisce about past glories, and have a great night.

MC Nicholas Duncan was at his sparkling best, as attendees were treated to an excellent 3 course meal, and entertained by a violin solo by Dan Carney.

In proposing the toast to the Club and its past presidents, Richard Yorg spoke of his passion for the Club, some of his memories of past and present members, social functions, and tennis played and watched at the Club. He also outlined the serious challenges now facing the Club, concluding with a plea to the incoming Committee to work together to return the Club to its position as the pre-eminent club and home of tennis in WA.

Responding, Max Kamien had the audience in continuous laughter as he talked of his introduction to, and participation in, the great game of tennis.

The evening included a presentation of special commemorative medallions to recent past presidents Tim Sewell, David Peterson and Barry Nazer.

Thanks to Marika for all her help behind the scenes, Gail Cooksley for the table decorations, Next Gen for their donation of a bottle of wine on each table and in particular Head Chef Gina and her staff and Claude and his front of house staff.