Presentation Evening – 20 May 2017

A good crowd braved the wet weather to attend the RKPTC Presentation Evening held 20 May 2017.

The evening, hosted by Bruno Camarri, RKPTC President, with Nicholas Duncan, RKPTC Vice-President, taking on the role of MC, acknowledged the achievements of winning Adult Pennant Teams, winning Junior Pennant Teams, the winners and runners up of the Club Championships 2017 and Tennis West Most Valued Player awards.

Shields, trophies, awards and Club towels were presented by Bruno Camarri, President of RKPTC.

Congratulations to all of the recipients and thank you to the players, parents and friends who attended the presentation.

A gallery of pictures can be seen below.

The recipients were as follows:

2017 RKPTC Club Championships
Event Winner Runner Up
Men’s singles Sam Ashenden Jake Robinson
Men’s Singles Plate Andrew Pope Stewart McLeod
Women’s Singles Hannah Appleyard Tatum Wolmarans
Women’s Doubles Hannah Appleyard/Brittany Sheed Nina Catovic/Astrid Kanther
Men’s Doubles Sam Ashenden/Jake Robinson Jaron Stafford/Dean Cochrane
Men’s Doubles Plate Hugo Viais/Patricio Prieto David Chenik/Jamie Chew
Men’s 50+ Singles Tim Wilkinson Greg Jacobs
Men’s 50+ Singles Plate Geoff Barker Bruno Camarri
Men’s 50+ Doubles Bruce Garlick/Greg Jacobs Tim Wilkinson/Scott Grundmann
Men’s 50+ Doubles Plate Alan Clements/Adrian Manescu Bruno Camarri/Bill Valli
Mixed Doubles Jake Robinson/Hannah Appleyard Bruno Camarri/Astrid Kanther
Mixed Doubles Plate David Chenick/Jenny Chenik Jamie Chew/Caroline Clugston
Mixed 50+ Doubles Tim Wilkinson/Kerry Atherden Richard Yorg/Barbara Bentley
Mixed 50+ Doubles Plate Alan Clements/Paula Baker Leo Iriks/Janet Stead
Award for most sets taken off State Grade/Div 1 players 
Men’s Singles Andrew Pope
Men’s Doubles David Chenik/Jamie Chew
Summer Pennants Winners
Men’s Div 1 Darren Slater
Aaron Rodrigues
Kurt Robinson
Connor Enslin
Dean Cochrane
Greg McAlpine
Ben Dallinger
Women’s Div 1 Nicole Sewell
Nicole Catovic
Astrid Kanther
Janelle Cuthebertson
Brittany Sheed
Hannah Appleyard
Mens +35 Div 3 Craig Anderson
Merlin Nicholas
Mike Steber
Darryl Daisley
Pierre Dreyet
Tatsuya Kawahara
Greg MacPherson
Mixed Orange Ball Div 3  Ages 7-10 Satesh Bertolini
Max Marttinsen
Connor Moir
Joshua Day
Mixed Green Ball Div 10 Ages 9-12 Ava Hogan
Kosuke Nakashima
Ravi Bertonlini
Harrison Easterbrook
James Burton
Winter/Summer Pennants Winners
Winter 2016 Saturday Mens Div 2 Graeme Morrisey
Mike Naylor
Jason Starcevich
Patrick Shields
Connor Enslin
Alexei Chijoff-Evans
RKPTC Pennants Player of the Year
Nina Catovic
Tennis West Most Valuable Player Award
Nina Catovic
Craig Anderson
Brodie Robinson
Joshua Day


All pictures by Natalia Burton