Social Tennis Summer Timetable

The summer season has started and Saturday Social and Sunday Smash Tennis have now moved to the summer timetable. Saturday Social will start at 2:00pm and Sunday Smash, 2:30pm

We hope everyone will enter into the spirit of the social tennis this year – to play good tennis and enjoy ourselves with lots of camaraderie.

This year we have 18 pennants teams, many of whom have additional players. We want to encourage all pennants players who are not playing in their teams on either a Saturday or Sunday to come down for the social tennis sessions. We have reviewed the grading structure for social tennis to hopefully give everyone a chance to have some good games of tennis. This is a first pass so please give us feedback as to how it is working for you.

As usual it will be important that we run a smooth social session whilst the pennants are on. As we have Div 1 Women’s and Men’s teams this year they will be playing on the centre court and top courts near the NG Cafe, a great opportunity to enjoy a few drinks watching some good tennis during or after you have finished social.

Look forward to seeing you on the courts.